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If you are interested to dive deeper into the sacredness of India, I am thrilled to share a beautiful Sattva Colllection conscious lifestyle company created in Rishikesh by Sattva Yoga teachers, on the banks of the holly river Ganga. Each piece is an art and handmade by local artisans for us to live our lives full of inspiration, love and abundance. (
The Sri Yantra, also known as the Cosmic Yantra of creations is a must-have symbol for every woman at every phase at her life. In the Tantric tradition, this graceful and flourishing signet is the sign of the Divine Sacred Feminine. By meditation on and wearing the Sri Yantra in any form allows the unmanifested goddess power within a woman to move toward full, radiant and joyfull manifestation and self-expression. Sri Yantras are 108 Gemstone Copper-Pendant with Gold Dipped Wire 18″length with pendant.

Chakras, or vortex’s of energy, represent specific energy centers along the spine. Understanding the higher vibration of each chakra allows us to transcend imbalance, raise our energy, activate our creative Shakti, and bring us in alignment with our highest Self. Chakras are with 108 Gemstones, Gold Dipped Wire 18″length with pendant.

For any further information, please feel free to contact me.

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