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June 21-28, 2019 (8 days, 7 nights)

Early Bird discount -150€ till 15th of March!


Devini Program

A unique DEVINI ANTI-AGE program includes:

~morning Sattva yoga classes with energy bodywork
~evening classes – Tantric self healing meditation + Ayurvedic rejuvenation techniques
~workshop “A Guide to the secrets of rejuvenation”
~a visit to ancient Buddhist temples and chanting with monks (without tourists)
~a visit to the world famous Luwak coffee plantation
~a tour through the mountain landscapes and traditional Lanna villages with a jungle adventure and a bath underneath a clear waterfall
~Devini wellness rejuvenation massage
~luxurious accommodation at traditional Thailand estate Taladya Homestay with an exotic swimming pool, Jacuzzi and private garden with pond just for us
~three authentic vegetarian Thai meals
~two airplane transfers from Chiang Mai to our village

*work in a small group, no previous experience required

• Are you ready for an exotic summer in Thailand, surrounded by jungle and gentle sounds of Buddhist temples’ bells in complete silence of a Thai tourist-free village?

• Are you ready to learn some of the simple and effective SECRET METHODS which I have brought directly from India, through the practice of Sattva yoga, breathing techniques, tantric meditations, as well as the basics of self-care of Indian Ayurvedic medicine which regenerate and rejuvenate and are easily practiced on your own?

• Are you ready to go to a jungle and visit the local attractions, to take a bath under a clear jungle waterfall, to visit traditional Lanna wooden houses away from a public eye, to enjoy the smell and taste of the world-famous Luwak coffee and their plantations, and to visit monks living in hidden temples where they can teach us their prayers?

 • If you have answered YES to some of these questions then you’re ready to come with us on an unforgettable adventure that promises a holistic experience that you’ve been waiting for a long time!

– We’re taking you on a unique and profound detox, anti-stress and anti-age program in the silence of jungle right next to the city of Chiang Mai in the Doi Saket District, where we are surrounded by exotic scents and landscapes of endemic species in flora and fauna that fulfill your whole being. Luxurious villa Taladya Homestay in which we’ll be accommodated is well known for its traditional Thai design that exudes comfort with a huge garden filled with flowers, greenery and special coziness provided by wonderful pool with a fountain and Jacuzzi. Silk pillows, local celadon tea, nurturing sun, and food that heals. Can it get any better?

-Free time is scheduled for our adventures: visits to local temples where we’ll learn prayers from monks, trekking with elephants(optional) in jungle and bathing with them under a gorgeous waterfall, a visit to a Luwak coffee plantation, a tour through traditional villages, shopping in the city of Chiang Mai (optional), absorbing delights of jungle and its beauty that takes the breath away, and for those who want absolute peace they can stay in silence of the garden, nearby villages or wild nature.


– Every morning we’ll go through sets of regenerating and rejuvenating exercises. The sets include yoga poses, breathing techniques, energy bodywork (kriyas), and meditation. Afternoon classes are reserved for tantric self healing meditations + ayurvedic rejuvenation techinques.


Taladya Homestay is a luxurious estate in peaceful and natural ambient only 20 minutes drive away from the city of Chiang Mai. Flowers that seduce with colors and fragrances, huge green surface with perfect soft grass, tall trees that protect us and the sound of birds that keep us calm while we slowly dive into an wonderful pool with Jacuzzi. Isn’t that a perfect vacation?  Our hosts, a lovely French couple from Bordeaux, promise a full comfort and warmth of home and are always ready to take care of us.

All rooms are made in the contemporary art style of north Thailand with high-quality furniture, bathrooms and great comfort. Silk, wood, celadon tea sets, big beds, and softness characterize these beautiful rooms. We’ll be accommodated in Double Deluxe Twin rooms, you can read and take a closer look on their


Thai food is quite tasty. On our retreat, we’ll have three delicious and healthy vegetarian meals with lots of fruits, vegetables and authentic spices with supplements, so-called “superfood” that will refine the whole experience, strengthen the immune system and rejuvenate. This food contains turmeric, coconut milk, lemongrass, lime, galangal, garlic, ginger and much more.



Our first stop is a local coffee plantation and the next stop is Luwak coffee plantation where we’ll see how the most famous coffee in the world is made and have some of this deicious drink. After that, we’ll take a tour of a beautiful waterfall in a forest with optional bathing. We’ll tour the local villages and in our last village, we’ll find an ancient temple in the middle of the forest which is tourist-free so we can meditate there. After, we’ll hike more up to the hills where we’ll have a private lunch with a Thai family from a village and finish up to the highest viewpoint of the valley. Depending on the time left we will hike deeper into the jungle to the other side of the valley. There we can find a well known tree named “Giant” and a coffee shop next to a river in the middle of the jungle with a magical landscape view.


The first smaller Buddhist temple is located next to our accommodations. Two monks will put bracelets of good health and luck on our hands and we can attend their ceremony as well.

   Then we’re going to visit one of the biggest Buddhist temples in Thailand, Doi Saket. This temple is well known for its Buddhist school for boy-monks. Around 50 monks run this temple. It was built from Buddha’s golden statue which is the biggest statue in Thailand and from where we can see a beautiful valley of the city of Chiang Mai. They say that Buddha walked here and some of his footprints are imprinted in stone. This temple is visited in mornings and afternoons when they hold a praying ceremony that includes all monks, boy-monks and even baby-monks. They say it is an unfforgetable experience.

We will visit the third temple as well, where we can find a sauna with herbs, used by monks. We can go to the sauna and get some beverages made out of special herbs and by monks. This temple is tourist-free as well.

The program includes:

– all yoga, meditation, and Ayurveda classes
– workshop “A guide to the secrets of rejuvenation”
– Devini Wellness massage for rejuvenation (2 hours)
– accommodation in Double Deluxe Twin rooms
– two excursions
– three vegetarian meals (fresh juice before the class, breakfast, branch (lunch,) and dinner
– two airplane transfers
– water, tea, coffee, free Wi-Fi and use of pool together with Jacuzzi

The program doesn’t include:

– a plane ticket
– other optional excursions
– use of sauna and massages of Taladya Homestay program
– additional meals and beverage
-tourist insurance

Total price all included is 1590€ per person.

For any further information about the price and booking please write on