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Holistic Dance


Throughout the centuries, our ancestors were led by sacred dance that was a part of the daily ceremony, dedicated to the gods and goddesses. In this way, they expressed their appreciation and thanks to Mother Nature and the universal force, offering gifts in the form of food, flowers, and their body that became a perfect instrument of communication with the Divine. We are all dancers in our hearts. It is irrelevant whether we move with ease, tap our feet or totally go with the flow of creative energy through the free movement of dance. Each dance is a sacred dance. Why is that so? Because through our body movements a new dimension opens, one that shows us our perfection of the sacred geometry of which the entire universe is woven. When we look at the world around us and the world inside us, we realize that everything is formed through the prism of the perfect shapes and colors.

Dancing gives us direct experience with the soul. It teaches us how to get back to what’s inside us, and helps us to heal the mind and body. Through a holistic dance of free movements we express pure embodiment of higher energies within us, which then become active meditation in motion. This is the direct integration of the soul with the body, leading dancers in connecting with your Higher Self.

When we connect with the Higher in this way , we open our subconscious where there are stored all the memories of this life and previous lives, all of the early childhood and the pain that we have inflicted upon ourselves, and perhaps the others. Then begins the process of transmission of mind and brightness – symbols or images from the mind are clearly perceived and our ability to realize these symbols and images in a clear way represents the brightness. With a clear sense we let out this energy of mind and body in the omnipresent light. This means that once you see the cause of the pain, or when we connect with a sense of the causes of pain that created the blockage, the light automatically comes in response to that place. It is important to know that in the free dance is required to learn to let go, for those blockages to be released. The ability of giving is taught and is directly proportional to our attitude towards life. To let yourself connect with the rhythm of the body that begins to dance to its unwritten choreography is the speech of the soul itself.

With such manifestation of self in that freedom, authenticity is created, or better yet-authentic movement. With eyes closed we enter the psychotherapy of movement, withdrawing the senses within ourselves and allowing ourselves to be direct and impartial observers of what is happening to us at a given moment.

Benefits of holistic dance:

-improves the memory, perception and vigilance

-develops the feeling of being an “observer” or a witness of what we go through during our release of blockages. Being a witness of these changes is important as we don’t get attached to the outcome of events and we are not led by the emotional and hasty reactions that are always in power of the mind

-Cleanses the chakras and aura, etheric, emotional and mental body

• increases the flow of prana (life force) in the body and energy network within the body

-strengthens muscles and ligaments, losing the stagnant energy of joints and cartilage

– detoxes the body through sweat and movement, accelerates the metabolism and balances the whole endocrine system

-beneficially affects the entire cardiovascular and respiratory system

-develops the sense of intimacy with our body and interior, improving the sense of coordination

– heals the pain from the past through the subliminal content and connects us with our internal leadership

-Connects us with our highest potential, which is a pure creation

-strengthens the will, determination and wisdom

-Opens the heart chakra, which leads us to the beauty of the soul, we love ourselves and others again

-free dance leads to our purpose in this life, behind the name, gender, origin, religion, customs and identification with any of these contents

The “holistic dance” program is designed in the form of several thematic units, depending on what is being done on the topic. It’s one on one, in small or large groups. This program is a set of guided exercises in Sattva Yoga through breathing or pranayama, kriya-body movements with specific breathing, cleansing the chakras, free movement with specially chosen music as we move through each sequence (waves) of a given dance topic. The dance consists of a minimum of three and a maximum of five sequences or so-called waves.

Dancing makes us the mystics in discovering of our essence.