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with Sattva Yoga and Ayurveda


“Secrets of holistic rejuvenation”

-Holistic Summer Retreat-

~Mountain/pyramid Rtanj, Serbia~


21-26 July, 2020

11-16 August, 2020



•sattva yoga morning classes

•ayurvedic beauty selfcare DIY evening workshops

•hiking on the top of the pyramid Rtanj where ruined chapel is located

•healing meditations at the known energy points of Rtanj

•visiting local healers for the interesting mystical storytelling of Rtanj

•local shopping-specific endemic herbs, spices, tea, honey, natural cosmetics

•vegetarian meals

•private pool and sauna

•accomodation at beautiful ethno private villa “Vilino” in the foothills of Rtanj

•ayurvedic beauty massage therapy “Devini”


• Are you ready for an adventurous summer in Serbia for the exploration of the most known mystical pyramid Rtanj, surrounded with Rtanj’s incredible healing energy, already claimed by many international scientists?(scientifically proven facts that Rtanj emits a type of energy which is very beneficial to human health)

• Are you ready to learn some of the simple and effective SECRET METHODS which I have brought directly from India, through the practice of Sattva yoga, breathing techniques, tantric meditations, as well as the basics of self-care of Indian Ayurvedic medicine which regenerate and rejuvenate and are easily practiced on your own?

• Are you ready to hike up to the top of this mountain/pyramid which is known in Serbia as a sacred pilgrimage?

• If you have answered YES to some of these questions then you are ready to come with us on an unforgettable adventure that promises a holistic experience that you’ve been waiting for a long time!





“There is a unification of body and mind on this mountain. Former studies indicated that Rtanj is much more than a mountain and that its precise pyramid-like geometry, math of golden section, unreal nature, amplified electromagnetism, refined frequencies, wild medicinal endemic herbs, healthy ionizing radiation as well as a special climate in conjunction with the mystique of cultural heritage on earth and the frequent luminescent appearances in the sky, gives Rtanj an extraordinary dimension in time and space worthy of daily exploration and immense respect.

Legend has it that long ago Rtanj was not a mountain. In its place lived a great wizard in a castle, who guarded the entire environment and shared it with the people around him – each to his credit, some received the good and some the bad. Then one day suddenly the whole Rtanj mountain rose, and the wizard remained to live beneath the mountain, where to this day he helps all those who believe in him. ” -Author Duh Rtnja –

“Legends about this mountain from whose top the confluence of the Sava river into the Danube can be seen, rumors about the hidden treasure, secrets about aliens and fiery spheres flying over it, stories about the positive energy it emits, but also the amazing beauty, size, perfect geometrical shape and the healing herbs which grow only here, make Rtanj a mysterious place whose secrets haven’t been discovered yet. Rare healing herbs grow on the perfectly shaped mountainside and its hidden inside parts are decorated by numerous underground streams, caves and caverns. Rtanj has the same angle of inclination as the Pyramid of the Moon in Mexico and the same angles as the Pyramid of Cheops. Coincidence or…?”

-Full article here 👉🏻




-I am taking you on a unique and profound holistic and rejuvenating program in the silence of this healing mountain in the East part of Serbia. We will be surrounded by authentic nature and landscapes of endemic species in flora and fauna that fulfill your whole being. Just next to our villa is a natural water spring which is high rated water in the country. Luxurious villa “Vilino” in which we’ll be accommodated is well known for its traditional Serbian design that indulges comfort with a huge garden filled with flowers, greenery and special coziness provided by wonderful pool with a fountain and sauna. Cotton pillows, local Rtanj’s tea, nurturing practices, nature and food that heals. Can it get any better?




– Every morning we will go through sets of regenerating and rejuvenating exercises. The sets include yoga poses, breathing techniques, energy bodywork (kriyas), and meditation. Afternoon classes are reserved for tantric healing meditations/ayurvedic rejuvenating workshops which includes practice of self-massage (abhyanga) and how to take care of each part of the body, DIY recipes, test for Dosha (body constitution) and much more.





We will be located in the foothills of Rtanj, at the quite village Ilino and beautiful ethno villa “Vilino” where we will reset our sences. The villa is 2 hr drive from Belgrade (capital city). Villa has one main house, two small appartments and yoga space with sauna and gallery room upstairs (for 10 people max). Traditional mesmerazing design of this estate is something that will make you feel secure and cozy. Wooden furniture, woolen carpets, cotton pillows, hammocks, swimming pool with a fountain, smell of the lavender and roses are everywhere to remind you why you have choose to be there.





-Serbian food is quite tasty. We will have three vegetarian local meals per day: serbian cheese pie, eggs, plently of vegetables, salads, dairy products, soups, main dishes made from lentils, beans, mashrooms, veggies, and herbs. Also natural jam, plently of seasonal fruits, and nuts. Fresh juices, tea, coffe and spring water just which is next to our restaurant.

All meals are made by local chief who owns the restaurant 200m away from our villa. Besides natural spring, there is a fish pool where you can join and sit under the fairytale benches.




Free time is scheduled for our adventures:

visits to local people and healers where we will learn about traditional tea recipes, listening the stories and legends about mystery of Rtanj, hiking through woods and beautiful landscapes to the top of this mountain. We will visit a great energy spot in the foothills of Rtanj called “ Svetiliste”, which has a high healing frequency-not more then 20 minutes is recommended to sit and absorb those nurturing vibes. Another tourist attraction is the “frozen pit” (“ledenica cave”) which is located on the southeast side of the highest peak of Rtanj. The cave is fifty meters long and its floor is covered with clay and stone blocks. It is the only “frozen pit” in the karst fields of Eastern Serbia where low air temperature has been recorded. It is a unique experience to enter the vast hall of this pit and to take a walk on its unusual soil. For those who want absolute peace they can stay in silence of the garden, swimming in the pool, walking to nearby villages or wild nature. But one is for sure: whoever visit Rtanj, they came back home totally shifted. The change is there and it does transforms.






Monja Švec was born in 1986 in Novi Sad, Serbia. Several years of practicing and studying yoga took her to highly appraised teacher Dragan Loncar, ( Belgrade, Serbia), where she continues improving her Hatha yoga, meditation and Yoga Nidra in “Vidya yoga school“, following the teaching of Swami Saraswati Satyananda (Bihar, India). After that, her life path brings her to an ancient yoga town of Rishikesh (India), where she completes the Sattva yoga course lead by the eminent and highly appraised teacher Anand Mehrotra. There she gets introduced to the holistic practices of kriya yoga, pranayama, asanas, free movement and meditation. In the meantime, Monja organizes workshops and yoga classes in Serbia and Europe, where trainees obtain the knowledge about the benefits of the eastern body and spirit practices. She was also trained in Delhi, India, at the Institute “Shri Kaya Kalp”, where she becomes a certified Ayurveda Beauty Therapist.

She teaches Sattva yoga at Sattva center in Rishikesh, India. She also practices intuitive and reiki healing.
She included the unique holistic face-lifting massage to her practice (DEVINI HOLISTIC FACE MASSAGE) which spreads throughout the world due to its incredible results. This massage leaves deep, natural, healing effects on face and body skin (internally and externally), as well as on mind and spirit.
Most of the year she spends living, teaching and educating herself in India.




-fly to the airport in Belgrade “Nikola Tesla”

-drive with the taxi or rent a car

-local bus from Belgrade to Boljevac. From Boljevac there is a local taxi to Rtanj-village Ilino

-route is Belgrade-Boljevac-Rtanj-Village Ilino

-To get there, you can find easily on a Google Map


The program includes:

– all sattva yoga, meditation, and ayurveda workshops

– accommodation at the villa

– three vegetarian meals per day

– water, tea, coffee, free Wi-Fi and use of pool and sauna. Beverages in the restaurant are not included


The program doesn’t include:

– a bus, train or plane ticket

-transfer from airport to villa

– other optional excursions

-Devini ayurvedic therapy massage

– additional meals and beverage

-tourist insurance


Total price all included is 565€ per person.

For any further information about the price and booking please write to