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JULY 23-28,2019


REFRESH your mind

REJUVENATE your body

REST your spirit

REGAIN a gentle heart and PEACEFULL soul

RESTORE in the Power that is greater than you

Six days (five nights) full imersion retreat in the landscape of green Slovenian countryside to deeply reconnect into the practices and secrets of rejuvenation!



Are you ready to learn some of the simple and effective SECRET METHODS which we have brought directly from India, through the practice of Sattva yoga, mindfulness meditation, breathing techniques, tantric self healing practices, as well as the basics of self-care of Indian Ayurvedic medicine which regenerate and rejuvenate and are easily practiced on your own?


We’re taking you on a unique and profound detox, anti-stress and anti-age program in the silence of Slovenian alps where we are surrounded by unique scents and landscapes of endemic species in flora and fauna that fulfill your whole being. Magical Veduna Farm in which we’ll be accommodated is well known for its organic garden filled with vegetables and flowers, cozy greenery, trees and a natural swimming pool. Free time is scheduled for our adventures: hiking in to the wild nature or simply sitting in the silence, swimming and absorbing the beauty.

Can it get any better?




Every morning we’ll go through sets of regenerating and rejuvenating exercises. The sets include yoga poses, breathing techniques, energy bodywork (kriyas), and mindfulness meditation. Afternoon classes are reserved for tantric self healing practice + ayurvedic rejuvenation techinques. Our classes will be in different places, since Veduna is offering so much beautiful places to work on ourselves, according to the theme class. That means : outside in the garden, under the lime tree and its terrace, next to the natural swimming pool, or inside  in the yoga room.



-Veduna Farm ( Retreat Centre) is a beautiful and cozy place in peaceful and natural ambient only 20 minutes drive away from the city of  Velenje. Flowers, organic food from their garden, stunning greenery that totally inspire you at all levels of your being!  Everything is just made with so much patience and details to welcome you wholeheartedly. By the end of the day, there is a natural swimming pool to refresh you inside and out and to dive you more deeper into your sences. Isn’t that a perfect vacation?  Our hosts, a lovely British&Croatian couple promise a full comfort and warmth of home and are always ready to take care of us.  Ana, the host is a woman of exceptional wisdom and travels constantly between India and Europe.

All rooms are made from natural materials, with love and care. There are smells of wild flowers everywhere, and sun that touch us and heals, combined with a magnificent landscape of the Slovenian hills. It takes your breath away! We will be accommodated in 5 Double Rooms and each has a Bathroom. For those who like more adventures, there is a Dormitory space where can sleep 6 persons, also very cozy. Farm House with 4 Double Rooms is very interesting to experience and it has 2  Bathrooms. There is a Tree House where all inspiration comes, and where we can have a silence time or just rest under the Lime Tree with a beautiful terrace. Natural swimming pool is always waiting on us to deeply restore our mind, body and soul. For sure, a plently of your time you can have in their organic garden where all magic starts, either reading a book in a hammock surrounded by greenery, vegetables, flowers and fruits…




 Our food is prepared with much love and care. All vegetables, plants and fruits are growing in Veduna’s garden and they are pure organic. We will have two super healthy meals per day+snacks, prepared according to ayurvedic principles in full respect to natural  laws of human organism. It means these meals are super holistic! Yummy!




Free time is scheduled for our adventures: hiking in to the wild nature or simply sitting in the silence, swimming in natural pool and absorbing the beauty, OR if someone wants to try some of our rejuvenating  Devini massages/Mindfulness private sessions- you can absolutely be free to make an apointment in advance with us.




~morning Sattva yoga classes with energy/rejuvenation bodywork and mindfulness meditation

~evening classes – Tantric self healing practice + Ayurvedic rejuvenation techniques

~workshop “How to stay young, focused and vital?”

~ accommodation at Veduna Farm with natural swimming pool

~three Ayurvedic vegetarian meals, healthy snacks, fresh juices and teas



~plane, bus or train ticket

~coffee, turmeric late, chai, other extra drinks and meals

~tourist insurance

~Devini rejuvenation massage/Mindfulness private sessions/Deep tissue massage



The Veduna’s Farm is located in the hills of Paski Kozjak, in the eastern central part of Slovenia, near the cities of Velenje and Celje. Although in a quiet location, the farm is only a 15 minutes drive from the main A2 motorway between Ljubljana and Maribor and 20 minutes from Celje train station. Airports in Ljubljana and Maribor  are around 45-90 minutes drive from the Veduna’s Farm.





Three years lived on the Himalayas to discover and practice the most ancient techniques of meditation handed down horally and learning yoga in its integral approach where yoga was born. She has previously studied and practiced kundalini yoga, ashtangha and other types of yoga, finding its integration into an all-encompassing practice at the roots of the most ancient Himalayan wisdom. Thus perceiving yoga as an instrument of profound spiritual evolution. Today hes classes that teaches in Europe, as well workshops and seminars are a summa of collected knowledge. She graduated in psychology and enrolled in the psychologists register, she’s oriented to the midnfulness approach (which includes a meditative and awareness approach in therapy) and offers online and personal sessions in her studio in Rome where she spends a few months a year. She believes in meditation as the essential basis of every healing process and the liberation of the most authentic self. Certified instructor of Mindfulness based stress certified Reduction protocols. Healed by a lymphoma in 2011 she wrote a book on how to deal with the disease from the spiritual point of view, (available in pfd) and how to heal the body through the choice of an intelligent and healthy diet in line with the laws of nature. Francesca will conduct meditations during the retreat, yoga classes, meditation, relaxation paths, and individual treatments





Hatha and Sattva Yoga Teacher 500hr, Ayurvedic Beauty Therapist and Reiki Practicioner

Monja Švec was born in 1986 in Novi Sad, Serbia. Several years of practicing and studying yoga took her to highly appraised teacher Dragan Loncar, ( Belgrade, Serbia), where she continues improving her Hatha yoga, meditation and Yoga Nidra in “Vidya yoga school“, following the teaching of Swami Saraswati Satyananda (Bihar, India). After that, her life path brings her to an ancient yoga town of Rishikesh (India), where she completes the Sattva yoga course lead by the eminent and highly appraised teacher Anand Mehrotra. There she gets introduced to the holistic practices of kriya yoga, pranayama, asanas, free movement and meditation. In the meantime, Monja organizes workshops and yoga classes in Serbia and Europe, where trainees obtain the knowledge about the benefits of the eastern body and spirit practices. She was also trained in Delhi, India, at the Institute “Shri Kaya Kalp”, where she becomes a certified Ayurveda Beauty Therapist.

She teaches Sattva yoga at Sattva center in Rishikesh, India. She also practices intuitive and reiki healing.
She included the unique holistic face-lifting massage to her practice (DEVINI HOLISTIC FACE MASSAGE) which spreads throughout the world due to its incredible results. This massage leaves deep, natural, healing effects on face and body skin (internally and externally), as well as on mind and spirit.
Most of the year she spends living, teaching and educating herself in India. She is a mother of one son.



Group allows up to max 20 people. Reservation is required. Open to all levels!

Informations and reservations:

+39 3391181283   +381 612200498

COST for the retreat per person:

starts from 820e (dormitory accomodation+classes+meals)