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Soul of the World

This world is a dream. It’s only real for the Sleepers, unawaken people who wander around in search of a ray of brightness for their own illusory salvation. Often in a dream we become aware that we dream (a dream within a dream) and also we can wake up in reality, transferring the consciousness into our own immortal essence. This is a great awakening of the soul, Soul of the world. Its strength is immeasurable, it exists to create. With magnetic attraction it shapes the nature, life and creates the universe. Man has been given the ability to create everything he can imagine and the soul is then manifested in its purest unity. Becoming aware of the power of our own soul is the task of every enlightened individual, here and now. Only in that way we can merge with the divine unity.

One of the places where the Soul of the world is connected and purified is the city of Badrinath, in the Himalayas, in India, near the border with Tibet. For the past thousands of years, millions of pilgrims from all over the world have visited this city to purify karma and liberate themselves from the wheel of birth and death. I visited Badrinath in May this year. The town is situated at 3300 meters above sea level. It is overshadowed by the magnificent top Nilkant Mahadev and intersected by the river Alaknanda. The thermal springs around the temple are there for ritual bathing every morning, for thousands of pilgrims. Badrinarayan Temple, in the heart of the city, was erected in the 9th century by the saint Adi Shankaracharya and dedicated to God Vishnu.

The presence of large, forever young Avatar Babaji (especially known among mystics, yogis and tantric through the ages) is felt there more than anywhere else in India – he, at one point in his life, spent 18 months in the Himalayas, practicing Kriya yoga. These techniques led him to soruba samadhi (spiritual liberation, awakening in gold brightness) and his being went into golden light where he lives and from where he appears to certain yogis, passing the messages important for the spiritual development of mankind. At the entrance of the temple the lines were miles long, pilgrims waiting patiently for hours to enter into that holy place.

In the temple there are energies that change the vibration of the body. Everyone who enters receives a blessing from Babadji and their soul becomes filled with spiritual purity, truth and love, all their internal and external senses are sharpened, to cut it short: a man prepares for a major spiritual transformation. Staying in Badrinath, I experienced incredible purification – tears of joy welling continuously, on their own, I felt the influx of new strength and energy that must not be easily dissipated. I let go of the fear of transience, recognizing that we were actually the light in the body that is the backbone to the soul, that all the teachings are within us, they only need to be recognized. There, on that ancient, sacred ground, I realized that we could exist without fear and weight, that we are associated with infinite potential to create anything we want because within us there is inconceivably powerful and infinite Soul of the world.

*Published in RYL magazine September 2016 (Serbia)