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Devini Face Lifting Therapy



Did you know that the body, mind and spirit talk through our face? What kind of story are you wearing right now? Stop and take a look. Yes, you heard it right. Take the mirror and quietly observe what you see. You will be surprised by the amount of information coming from only one moment of silence, and that moment is You.

Did you forget who “You” are?

This holistic (complete) combination of ancient Eastern techniques is more than a common facial massage. The effects of anti-ageing (lifting) are achieved immediately on the skin and facial muscles, wrinkles and furrows, and its energy impact is deeply transferred to all aspects of our being (physical body, internal organs, energy body and chakras) and it’s a natural and sophisticated way of removing deep stress, toxins and emotional and mental blockages.

The face is the part of the body that we notice first, it depicts the whole body and it’s a reflex zone. It reveals the condition of our being, all the past and all the bills that we have been carrying for years inside us. Life energy, or Prana is what gives us the impulse to live. However, Prana can be blocked by stress, fear, negative emotions and thoughts, poor diet and habits. If Prana is not flowing harmoniously, there is physical pain. Stress and tension are clearly seen in the stiffness of the muscles of the face and jaw, as well as in the eyes that do not have living splendor, while the joy and harmony are reflected in a harmonious and relaxed attitude of our being.

In DEVINI HOLISTIC LIFTING FACIAL MASSAGE is very important to cultivate both outer and inner beauty. It involves those two aspects, but also the aspect of energy, with all its variations and qualities that relate to freshness and vitality.

Outer beauty is what we identify ourselves with the most, that’s the picture of what the physical eyes perceive – body contour, skin texture, the quality of hair and nails. The physical body acts as a “map” of those relations and reflects our inner condition. Our body is a temple and should be nurtured with great care and love, in order to connect the interior with the exterior beauty.

Inner beauty represents the emotional and mental state of our being. Just as the physical body can be purified by the specific regime of healthy eating, so can our mind be strengthen and disciplined to maintain and preserve the health and well-being. First step in the implementation of this practice is to accept who we really are and to go honestly into nurturing and respecting ourselves on all levels.

Procedures used in one 45-minute session are:

– cleansing with facial solar (sun) water

-stimulation of energy points

-yogic breathing

– lymphatic drainage of chest, neck and face

-face-lifting using eastern techniques

-use of organic essential oils based on natural hyaluronic acid

– facial peel with organic essences (if necessary)

-reiki face therapy and chakra balancing down the spine

*For full effect it is necessary to implement ten consequential treatments to the client, with DEVINI HAIR TREATMENT, 3 times.


-elimination of toxins and deep stress

– improves nutrition of tissues and creates a deep natural skin glow

– stimulates creation of collagen and oxygen in the facial cells

– improves facial circulation, creates good elasticity of the skin in all its layers

– removes tired looking skin, dark circles, bags under the eyes and significantly reduces facial wrinkles

– re-shaping the face

-creates harmonious flow of energy in the body

-activates pranic fluid in all energy channels

– removes insomnia and anxiety

– establishes sense of lightness, peace, happiness and meditative state

-deeply nourishes and strengthens the whole body


The sun’s rays have deep therapeutic values ​​that affect activating of vitamin D in the body, sunlit water has a beneficial effect on the pigmentation of the skin by stimulating work of the pituitary gland, pineal gland and all internal organs. Since water behaves like a living being, and it is proven that it has its own memory, this water contains in itself all the color spectrum of the sun that corresponds with our bodies and thus intensively heals and rejuvenates.


Universal life force (prana) moves through the energy channels in our body (nadis), and openings on these channels are called energy points. These channels (nadis) behave as a twine or a rope, and energy points are represented as beads on a necklace. When they are activated, life force or prana begins to enter in large amounts in our electromagnetic field and the body, balancing us into harmony. Thus, this balance is transferred to our muscles, joints and organs. Therapist activates these points on the face of the client. This approach allows direct release of emotional, mental and physical blockages throughout the body and activates the pranic (energy layer) in our electromagnetic field.


This treatment is an introduction to a face lifting massage because it energizes the whole body, opens energy channels, stimulates a regenerative process and provides a rejuvenation effect.

Using organic oils for head and scalp massage is a completely (holistic) technique having many benefits:

– Relieves headaches and stops its occurrence,

– Hair loss prevention (alopecia)

– Prevention of gray hair

– Whole body relaxation

– Removal of insomnia, stress and anxiety

– Removal of sebum and dead cells from the scalp that are blocking the circulation and hair growth

– Hair becomes brighter, stronger and longer, accelerating its growth

– Increases blood circulation in the scalp and face, cleans the closed pores and dead cells from the scalp, and the medicine plants in the oil nourish hair from both inside and outside, reaching the root of the hair

This organic preparation massage gives long-lasting effects, without contraindications and is completely harmless for all age groups – as opposed to chemical treatments whose effects are temporary, with harmful, long-term consequences.

Why does Ayurveda give such a big significance to hair massage?

Hair is an extension of the nervous system and our energy body. It behaves like an antenna, being in touch with the surrounding signals we are influenced daily, emits an electromagnetic field and has a permanent connection with our brain. It is very important to take care of our hair according to the Ayurvedic formulas which provide the needed nourishment and pigmentation. This way we are also protecting our liver from the toxins, our scalp from infections and providing a great amount of Prana (life energy) flowing through us.”